Bill & Gail DeRosa


DeRosa Sales provides you with our "Total Category Management" process.

Total Focus on  Category Management

  • Maximum Sales and Profits Per Store
  • Continuous Product measurement By Store, Area, and Region
  • Accurate Information Used to Determine Product Variety, Number of Facings, and Space Allocation
  • Customized Schematics
  • Extensive Variety of Displays
  • Implementation of Sales Programs
  • Full Reset Support


DeRosa Sales will help maximize your sales by providing a thorough evaluation of your store in many areas including:

  • Product Freshness
  • Product Variety
  • Product Retails
  • Consumer Traffic Patterns
  • Display Location
  • Display Condition
  • Display Size
  • New Items
  • Store Location
  • Store Competition









DeRosa Sales offers many solutions and will work with you to customize your store to maximize your sales potential.  Using the experince of 30+ years, we can give your store the lift it needs to improve your sales.

As a full service provider we offer:

  • Writing Your Category's Order
  • On Site Computer Generated Invoices
  • Credit Issued off Invoice for all Spoils at time of delivery
  • Delivery and Check-in of Order
  • Retails managed to eliminate errors and maximize profits
  • Properly Merchandise Every Item
  • All products rotated and stocked
  • Schematics set and managed for maximum turns
  • Local Product Variation Knowledge
  • All products 100% guaranteed